The Good Ship Brimble (July 2008)

This is Brimble, a Twister 28, at Shamrock Quay, Southampton before we set off around to the East Coast

It has been suggested that Kim Holman, the designer of the Twister 28, never designed an ugly boat in his life ... I would agree!

The first part of the trip was to take Brimble round from Southampton to Harwich to give us a good 'jump off' point for Norway. We divided this into two legs; the frst from Shamrock Quay to Ramsgate and then from Ramsgate round to Harwich.

The trip to Ramsgate was quite spicey with south westerly F6-7. Gordon McBride and Rob Parsons were crewng and we made great time covering the 132 logged miles in only 26 hours. This was made possible by carrying the tide pretty much the whole way along the coast from the Looe Channel. As we rounded the Isle of Wight going Eastwards we met the frontrunners of the Round Island Race coming westwards; we must have been a pretty spectacular sight steaming along at 6 kts plus and they looked pretty good too. I presume we didn't disrupt the race as we meandered gracefully through the fleet ... well there was nothing on the news.

The second leg round to Harwich was also great fun. Our friend Charlotte and her boat Pouncer, another Twister, had arrived through the course of the week at Ramsgate, having just returned from the Carribean. It was great to catch up over dinner and a glass or two of wine but not so great at 0300 the next morning. Once again we had a fast passage but the combined effects of 'one too many' and the infamous Thames Estuary seas did make the journey a little bit of a challenge in respect to keeping breakfast in the right place. We arrived in Shotley at lunchtime and met Alasdair and Brimbles friends Sumara of Weymouth and Eider Duck 1. It was great to see Eider 2 and Eider 1 catching up with each other after nearly 6 months apart. More importantly, we were well set for Norway.
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