Photo Gallery

Some photos to illustrate just some of the different places we have visited in Brimble:

Off  Shetland Islands 2015

Foredeck 2015

Nusfjord, Lofoten 2015

Midnight sun 2015

Byornsfjord 2015

Town Quay Alesund 2015

 Hauled Out - Arctic Norway 2014


Ready for haul-out Arctic Norway 2014


Thembi and Brimble  2014

Rseine - the front cover of the Norway Pilot 2014

Typical Arctic View 2014

West Norway ... weird place 2014

One of literally thousands of beautiful lighthouses 2012-2015

Utsire, made famous by the shipping forecast 2014

West Coast with Chris 2014

West Coast 2014 with Rob

Slipping through the inner channels west Norway 2014

Hauled out prep 2014

Kristiansund 2013

Off shore Island Norway 2013

Mandal SW Norway 2013

Moored to rock 2013

Gas rigs, North Sea 2013

Crossing North Sea 2013

Ramsgate 2013



Channel Islands 2010

River Itchen, rescue of Seducer, Southampton 2010

Southampton Water 2010 (Round Island Race 11th out of 850)

Falmouth 2009

Atlantic 2009

Grafitti from previous crossing in 1997

Grafitti at Horta, Azores 2009

Crown Point USVIs where I set off from on solo transat 2009

Antigua with Brim in bay behind us 2009

Rhonda, West Indies, Selma & Jack 2008

Jack and John 2008

St Vincent in the bay where they filmed Pirates of the Carribbean 2008

St Lucia 2008

Mayreau 2008

Typical Caribbean sunset 2008

Showering on crossing Atlantic 2008

Tenerife 2008

Porto Santo, close to Madeira 2008

Porto Santo Harbour Wall graffiti 2008

Dolphin spotting West Portugal 2008

Forepeak, Lisbon 2008

En Route Portugal to Madeira 2008

Washing day in Lisbon, Portugal 2008

Bayona, West Spain 2008

Paul dressing burn as we crossed The Biscay 2008

Crossing The Biscay 2008

Burnt Arm on sail back from Norway 2008

Brimble and Sumara SW Norway 2008

Sumara and Brimble near Risor, South Norway 2008

Newtown Creek 2007

The Good Ship Brimble 2007 in Southampton


Cockney Mallard said...

Not one duck. What's that all about?

Katie - Twister BoB said...

I love your blog, I have a Twister and we are planning to take her off to the med and then the Caribbean, as a floating home for my boyfriend and our two dogs. She is in a bit of a state and down to bare bones below. I wondered if at all possible I could ask you a few questions?

I thought I would start off at the business end...we have a replacement lavac heads and are looking for a holding tank, do you have one? if so was it custom built and/or where did you get it?

If you prefer my email address is and you can reply to me there.

Twisters are such beautiful boats and I can't wait to get mine back in the water!