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Duck News
Hello and welcome to 'Duck News' where we aim to provide a different perspective on life on the good ship Brimble. Put simply it's through the lens of a duck .. well three ducks actually, Eider Duck, Cockney Mallard and Chirpy Chick. Here are some introductions:
First of all myself. My name is Eider Duck. My close friends (of whom I have few and none on the good ship Brimble) call me Edward. I have a classical education and have travelled extensively. My interests are sailing and reading good quality non-fiction literature.
Cockney Mallard is from the East End of London. He has no education, no hobbies and swears a lot. He can be handy to have around if there's trouble.
Finally, Chirpy Chick. Young, fun and game-on is how Chirpy describes himself. He is a great fan of Village People and is thinking of going to night school to study fashion and design.
We are pretty famous in the duck world and so the RSPB has started to produce replicas of  CC and even Cockney Mallard - I was uncomfortable with the proposal and politely refused although I have heard there are a few 'black market' imposters out there.
Chirpy Chick made this video of us when we were in Reine, Lofoten. We think it sums up the general approach to life on the good ship B. The man in orange is called 'Sid The Railwayman' and came on holiday with us.
But enough of us. Our web page is totally unedited (except for Cockneys commentary which can be a bit perky) so we can provide you with an honest picture of the ports we visit and the behaviour of captain and crew. As with the rest of the Blog the newest stuff is at the top. we hope you enjoy.
Look what I found in Ardglass (Cockney Mallard, June 2016)
Those Northern Irish guys have got a proper sense of humour. Look what I found
 on a notice board in the yacht club! I wondered if it was a true story?

The Scottish Islands Peak Race (Report by Eider Duck) May 2016

We have just completed the Scottish Islands Peak Race. This was a wild adventure indeed and Alasdair, Simon, Grit, Rob and John did amazingly well. We were so proud. Chirpy was particularly impressed by Robs performance but he has a bit of a soft spot for him. Anyway, we (myself, Chirpy and Cockney) filmed this quick 'tribute' video. We hope you enjoy it.
We also thought it would be good to play Mull of Kintyre as we went round Mull of Kintyre. These are once in a lifetime opportunities that must be grabbed as they pass by. We grabbed them.
Scottish Islands Peak Race (Report by Cockney Mallard May 2016)

I will keep this brief! What the **** was all that about. Sailing is supposed to be restful and relaxing. I hardly slept a wink for 4 days. If they weren't sailing they were running and if they weren't sailing or running they were talking about sailing or running .,. and it went on and on and on .. what a nightmare. And the smell! 5 people running and sailing and not washing. Did they consider me? No, of course not. I read an interesting book by a friend of mine Frank Gill where he said and I quote  "The avian sense of smell has been traditionally underestimated. Most birds do have small smell centers (olfactory bulbs) in their brain; the bulb tends to be small, but is well developed ..'. Well my small smell centre was well and truly screwed after 3 days. My advice to all involved is don't do it again or I'm out of here. Videos were good though.
Shetland Islands and Scotland (Report by Eider Duck July 2015)

On our voyage from Norway Rob decided he would do a handstand in his thermal underwear. I refrained from comment, Cockney said it was ****ing stupid, whilst Chirpy thought Rob rather sexy - Chirpy has taken a bit of a shine to Rob. Here are some photos we managed to catch of the event.

We enjoyed the Shetland Islands a lot but felt that the Sheep were a bit 'tarty'

A Shetland Sheep relaxing in the sun ..
Our sail down to Inverness was a pretty bouncy one so on arrival we all went out for a few drinks. Puffin who is balancing rather dangerously on Cockney Mallard and CC was a guest and passenger visiting from the good ship Chanti. rob and the waitress are looking on concerned and I think a little bit amazed.

West Coast of Norway (Report by Eider Duck June 2015)
A young Norwegian Eider came over for a chat that night as well. Very nice.

This is us. Eider Duck, Cockney and CC with a friendly Norwegian sparrow
 that popped over for supper in Kristiansund

This is us on our perch above the chart table. Since this photo was taken
we have had a safety line added following a nasty fall at sea.

This is a typical scene down below whilst at sea. Cockney described it
as *******  'mayhem'. The legs belong to young Jack who, in our opinion  slept alot
 although in fairness he was up like a flash for his watch


This is three of the crew at about one in the morning outside a bar in Reine.
They were in a real state when they got home. Cockney described them as
 'completely rat-arsed' and on this occasion he was absolutely right although
 I prefer to say very intoxicated

We often go out with Team Brimble. Below is us enjoying a barb with the lads at Reine. Robs hat was particularly comfortable although Cockney kept coming over on my side.


Flowers on the good ship are uncommon but Rob picked these and we felt they lit up the
cabin. Chirpy Chick was a particular fan .. he loves flowers

 As we left Norwegian Waters we lowered the courtesy flag and felt that a little formality was the order of the day. I directed and produced this short video to mark the occasion. The accompanying music which you will recognise as Grieg's Piano Concerto in A Minor, Opus 16, feels particularly apt.

We're not judging but it's difficult not to comment

Cockney spotted this cloud last year and thought it looked like a duck and so grabbed a snap. Unusually thoughtful for Cockney.


CC and Rob having a glass of wine together (Chirpy Chick June 2015)

Before Chirpy Chick hatched (Summer 2014)

Nice occasionally to enjoy a bit of luxury

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