Team Brimble

For those of you who have read the classic mountaineering book 'The Ascent of Rum Doodle' the crew of the good ship Brimble are as follows:

Tom Parsons: Ships Doctor and expedition medical advisor. New to Team Brimble. Always ready to sew up an injury even when there's no injury to sew up. Has been quite a way but will definitely go far

Cerys Organ: Ships Artist. New to Team Brimble but already demonstrated an uncanny ability to catch the moment.
Has not gone anywhere but will this year.

Jo Parsons: Ships Psychiatrist. Vital new addition to the team. Surgery will open in the Spring. Currently on full time release to learn the idiosyncrasies of the Duck mind. Has been quite away and smiled all the time.

Mara Gardner: Ships Ambassador. A multi-linguist focussed on English and American dialects. Mara, has lived in more than one country and speaks her mind so is ideal for this outward facing and highly sensitve role. Been far.

John Halsall: inspirational leader of the team and expert in navigation. Recently returned from training programme to learn how to differentiate starboard from port; has been far although you wouldn't think so.

Rob Parsons: second in command, expert with all things electronic, has gone far enough.
Recently returned from a gymnastics seminar.

Selma Halsall: photographer, logistics expert and 'voice of reason', has often gone too far.

Chris 'The Perk' Perkins: Our strong man, expert in endurance; ex-military, so can kill if
necessary. Has been quite far but wants to go further.

Phil Trotter; an expert with money, has been far but wants to go further.

Gordon McBride; team advisor; has been further than all of us put together and then some. Trained as sub-mariner and our underwater expert.
Jack Halsall; ships mechanic, some knowledge of engines based on 300 episodes of Top Gear, has been further than many. Recently woke up but then went straight back to sleep again.

Ella Halsall; has been further than many, will go far, but only if it's south.
Colm Briggs: Expert in Tea drinking. Is willing to go very far providing there's a nice cuppa tea on arrival.

Jerry White: South Coast Crew member. Could go far but currently lost.

Jack Green: Biscay Crew member, sailed across The Biscay and then emigrated to Canada

Paul Elliot, Master Mariner has been exceptionally far. Can also kill if necessary.

Alasdair Flint. Gone farther than most and still going. Capn of the good ship Sumara of Weymouth (Brimbles best friend) and master mariner. One of the few members of the team that does know about sailing. Also owner of the best Chandlery in London, Arthur Beales.

Grit Eckert. Never goes too far but if she does it's well considered and thought through. Calm in a storm .. the only person I have ever met who stays positive whatever's going wrong! Expert in languages

Simon '4 peaks' Blanchflower. Navigation expert and technical advisor. Strength of ten tigers and the resilience of a Duracel Bunny

Anna O'Mahony. Not been very far yet but does have the t-shirt.

The Ducks (also see separate dedicated section)

Eider Duck; the team comm's man. Will go far when he learns to speak.

Cockney Mallard; ships negotiator, diplomat and front man, doesn't care how far he's gone and never will and in any case it's none of your business, alright?

Chirpy Chick (CC); expert in entertainment; never been far but keen to go all the way at the first possible opportunity.
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