A few links;

Frank Cromer videos in and around Alesund

Frank Cromer is an Englishmen in Norway who helps run the marina at Alesund (Norvevika). He's also made some great videos such as this one here.

Arthur Beales

Arthur Beales is the oldest chandlery in London. It is an Aladdin's Cave of goodies for everyone .. not just yachties. Ask for Alasdair who is an expert yachtsman (see blog below) and will give you really expert advice.


Our self steering geer is a Monitor. Hand made for our boat and when you buy one they really make you feel special. If the pound is strong then this is the best self steering.

Shetland Knitwear

If you look at most photos of me you will see me wearing an increasingly tatty (but still fairly natty) blue jumper. I have been searching for its replacement for 2 years but without success until I stumbled on this little shop in Lerwick, Shetland Islands, Marvellous.

The Best Anchors

For years we all used Bruce Anchors and CQR. Madness. No doubt the arguments will continue whether Spade or Rocna are the best. I favour Spade; mine has never let me down.

Little Ship Club

This link provides a great summary of the history of one of the most beautiful small boats on the water .. the Twister

Twister Owners Association

A great site if you want some detailed information or advice on the Twister

Sumara of Weymouth

This is the Blog of Sumara of Weymouth - it's a great diary of a whole raft of adventures that Alasdair Flint has had over the years. Tucked away in here is an expedition to sail to and ascend  the northern most volcano in the world.

Selfa Marine

This is who we left Brim with in North Norway. They did an absolutely great job.

Rum Doodle

Read more about this classic mountaineering book and then buy a copy at Beales.
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