La Coruna to Baiona (9 th September - 11th September)

Paul and Keiko headed for home on the 7th and the Halsall family were reunited on board GSB for the first time in 2 months. Big Jack stayed with us to sail round Cape Finisterre.

We left Coruna at lunchtime on the 9th, it had been a really good stay. The winds were light and forecast to stay light so we knew the trip was going to be steady albeit with a fair swell of 2.5m running. The trip was uneventful and pleasant with crystal clear skies, shooting stars and loads of dolphins to keep the nightwatches entertained.
Both Ella and Jack stood their watches for the first time. Jack did midnight to 0100 am with Selma and Big Jack and Ella came up at 0300 am with me; both of them were game on which is not bad for a 7 and 9 year old, well done guys - a good start all round. Selma did OK as well - not bad for a 38 year old.

A bit of seasickness brought on by excessive chocolate consumption more than anything else, a nice westerly breeze and we had arrived in Sanxenxho. We were now out of the Bay and into the Atlantic for the first time.

The following day we made the short trip south to our old favourite port of Baiona.


Sam and Alex said...

Good to hear your news guys. Sending you all lots of love Sam, Alex, Matilda, Freddie and Ben (who will officially be a Manning after 23rd)

The Murg said...

Ahoy Halsalls. Mrs Murgatroyd here checking in to say "hello" wherever you are. Currently skiving in Walnut Court reading your blog. Feeling seasick looking at the video clips and as for the burn well..yikes! Hope you are all well. Stay safe. Hilary

Unknown said...

hi there guys just got your text Selma so pleased all is well. Rich is on the boat and keeps sending me pictures of the lovely weather they are having with the cruising shute up and smooth seas and lightish winds!!!! just my sort of sailing.
We are aall set for Tues and all should go well which is great will let you know definately after Tues. off to Sarah Raven's on Sunday and Monday and then will be in Sweden on Thurs until Monday - I am sitting while Sean and Maria go away for a couple of nights! okay well we are all absolutely fine and busy as always trying to fit everything in so can't complain.
Lots of love and kisses to you all - well maybe not too many kisses for John!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear that you had a good sailing. I had a great experience from Southampton to La Coruna. Thank you so much!

During sailing, most of jokes were too advanced for me to understand, but the hilarious dolphins' dialogue composed by Captain and Jack still makes me laugh.

Sheryl said...

Helloo Halsall Family

It's lovely to hear about your travels. The video is great - post some more..

How many times should you change your pants in a day whilst sailing around the world? I suppose it depends on how many pirate ships and big fish you come across, eh. ;o)

Sheryl x