Waiting for Brimble in Spain - September 2nd

Since last writing much as happened and I shall only briefly enlighten you as I am sure the Capt'n himself will be more eloquent in writing the recent trials and tribulations of our travels to date. Needless to say we have had A & E visits and some more work done to the GS Brimble. Jacobus and I spent the last two days before departure with Brimble and John, we had a good time doing all those last minute checks and additions as well as victualing the boat for departure. I collected Big Jack from Southampton station whilst John stowed away all the shopping so that he would know where everything was once at sea, the last thing you want is to hunt for something in a pitching and rolling sea. Once Big Jack was with us, we met up with the two other crew members for this leg, Paul and Keiko, we had a last dinner and early to bed before the Friday morning sail off.

Jacobus and I waved off the boat and her crew and looked forward to seeing them in Spain, when finally all the Halsall's might be together at last. Two days later, Jacobus, Big Pappa Bestefar and I flew into Santiago de Compostela and met up with Ella, looking tanned and healthy after 12 days in the sun, if somewhat tired from all the late Spanish nights. We had a great day with Sol, Lydia and Ines, swimming in the river and enjoying our time together.

Alasdair (Capt'n Flint of Sumara) and I have been trying out the communication system with the new satellite phone and have been able to text John in the middle of the Bay of Biscay and to give him weather information. Alasdair has taken on the offical role of 'Herby' after the famous weather forecaster for sailing vessels all over the world on the SSB radio, known as 'Herb'. The weather so far has been interesting, from no wind when the GSB left on Friday to quite strong winds today, Tuesday. As yet we do not know if the boat may need to head into land earlier than hoped and wait for the forecasted strong winds to subside before the boat continues her journey, only time will tell, we wish them safe and speedy sailing onwards.

In the meantime, school will begin today for Ella and Jacobus and I must admit as the teacher I wonder how it will all go, I think we will begin gently today...
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