Southampton to Shotley marina (June 2013 - July 2013)

Southampton to Shotley Marina (June 2013 - July 2013)

Chichester to Brighton (John and Selma); We left in a rough F5-6 on the nose and took the short cut through the Looe channel .. you live and learn. I was airborn for about half an hour !

Jack remained asleep for most of the passge through the channel, then woke up, puked vertically and then went back to sleep. Such is the resilience of a teenager.

We arrived at Brighton but couldnt get in due to lack of water

 Brighton Marina to Eastbourne (Jerry and John)

Jerry White and I sailed the boat on the next leg round from Brighton to Eastbourne

Eastbourne to Shotley Marina (Colm, Trotts and John)

Great sailing in 30+ knots of wind behind us on the first day. Phil and Colm did great job.

Coastguard was a little surprised we left with a F9 forecast .. I was a little surprised that a F9 had been forecast!

Nice quiet night in Ramsgate before setting off across the Thames Estuary. Big question was 'where have all those windmills come from? Paper charts plus two sets of electronic charts had all avoided being updated! We weaved through Fishermans Gap. This was no thanks to the Coastguard advising me it was my own silly fault (true) and that he could not give me any advice on which channels were open. I wonder if they would have helped if the good ship had been sliced in half!

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