Lillesand to Bergen

This is a tricky sail passing round the southernmost cape of Norway called Lindesnes. As with all headlands in the world it has a notorious reputation and should not be rounded in anything but calm weather and certainly not Westerlies. The wind accelerates and the local shallows around the headlines create nasty seas which for a small boat such as Brim can be uncomfortable or worse.

We were sailing with Chris Perkins, great guy, and calm in a storm. This was lucky because the forecast F2-3 Northerly turned out to be a Westerly F6. So, I can confirm that passing round Lindesnes really should be avoided in strong Westerlies - because we did it! We took on-board large amounts of water as waves crashed over the good ship. Several gallons of water ended up down below via the 75mm dia. anchor hawser alone - a bouncy little ride. The good ship as ever was just great and she ploughed on. Both Chris and I were not sorry to get round Lindesnes or indeed finish off the last of 6 tins of leek and potato soup. I'm not sure why we had so much l and p on board; a stuck online ordering session last year I suspect.

Before we reached the nasty cape we had the pleasure of cruising through the inland waters of the Blindleia

En Route we picked up one of Brimble's favourites  Rob Parsons. First stop with Rob was to the island of Utsira after which the North and South Shipping Forecast Areas are named. It was the most lovely place. From Utsira we worked our way up the coast to Bergen via Haugesund.  We dropped Chris off at Haugesund and then Rob and I sailed the good ship up to Bergen in continued gorgeous glorious sunshine.

So ...

Sneaking through the Blindleia - absolutely lovely scenery

Brimble moored alongside an island just east of Kristiansand

Triple reefed main and storm jib was the order of the day wet, wet, wet

Farsund was an an appreciated break as we battled headwinds
up the coast

As we entered the harbour at Egersund we were welcomed
by a beautiful statue of a naked woman ... there was
also a strong smell of fish from the factory across the fjord

Rather nice welcome for two chaps without
female company ...

A further coastal hop brought us to a lovely little harbour at
Tananger where we picked Rob up

We then sailed to Utsira made famous by the Shipping Forecast.
Utsira was absolutely beautiful. We just clicked with it.

The little harbour at Utsira where we stopped for lunch. From here
we went to Haugesund where we dropped Chris off

We decided to stop at a remote island on our way
up to Bergen. It was the creepiest place I have
ever stayed at.
Looks lovely ... was creeeeeeepy

As we were sailing Rob and Eider spotted this
 cloud that looks like a duck

Approaching our marina just south of Bergen

All snugged up

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