Lofoten to Harstad

Selma, Jack and Ella joined the good ship at Reine and after a quick climb up one of the surrounding peaks Rob and Phil left the good ship and caught the midnight ferry home to the UK via Bodo and Oslo.

The final leg was sailing up through the Lofoten Islands to end at Selfa Marine where Brim would be hauled out for the year.

The weather that had held for pretty much the whole summer now began to become slightly more erratic and amazingly there was beginning to be a distinct bit of darkness in the evenings. As you can see the scenery still held a translucent charm which is a feature of being so far north.

Motor sailing up the coast to Heningsvaer

The crew

It was great to meet up with the Good Ship Thembi and the
Number 1 boatbuilder Tim Loftus, Alex and Megan and Hamish

Henningsvaer was a great place to visit - we loved it

Young Hamish. His smile was bigger when he caught an enormous cod
off the pontoon. Star Fisherman

Alex and Megan

The faithful Cob works it's magic

We climbed up a little hill and were rewarded with this great view.
Most people swam in the  lake below on the way down .. I didn't

Hamish looks how I would have felt

Grafitti .. but not as you would know it

A typical Arctic seascape

And another breathtaking view

After we left Tim and family we sailed on to the capital

A game of cards and a small glass of beer

Tucked up in Lodingen after a really exciting F6 downwind sail

And finally .. journeys end Rodskjaer

The very frightening hauling out process

The boatyard were great taking lots of care of the good ship

They did reveal that they were not used to such a small boat!



brimbleboat said...


brimbleboat said...
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Denis BOSSARD said...


We will leave our boat for next winter at Harstad (Harstad Marina), in water.
Were is the place were you hauled the boat ? We search a place for next year (antifouling paint..)
Or is it the good place for winterring the boat at of water ?

Thnakds a lot



eclectichomelife said...

Denis. Apologies for the late reply but only just back from sailing south from Just south of Harstad to Alesund. We stayed at Rodskjaer on the Tjelsundsund inner passage before Harstad. It was a great place to stay over winter and they look after your boat well. We would stay there again. If you need any more information jayhalsall (at)gmail (dot) com