Arthur Beale - the best shop in London

Nestling in the heart of Shaftesbury Avenue and smack bang in the middle of London is our favourite shop in the world, Arthur Beale, Yacht Chandlers.

Time Out described Beale as "the best chandler in the whole of the UK let alone London" and the Financial Times as " .. one of the most fashionable destinations in town".

Now, fashion does sit high on our priority list but to be honest we go there because they have a great range of quality gear, the staff know what they're talking about and they really do care about what they sell you. Whatever you want in the boating world they will either have it or get it. Even more important they will most probably have used it and tested it.

So, a great place to visit but there is a down-side. Whilst the team at Beale do worry about the products they sell you they they don't worry whether you can afford them, so you must be light on your feet. Avoid staring at any single item for more than a few seconds, keep moving all the time and never ask 'what does that do? because by the time you find out what 'it' does you will also realise that you desperately need 'it'. When I pay a visit, which is more often than I can afford,  I realise that I don't want many of the things on sale .. I NEED them.

If you do get the opportunity to visit, ask for Alasdair who sails Sumara of Weymouth a beautiful wooden Vertue who is Brimbles best friend. Alasdair is an adventurer, an expert yachtsmen and a font of knowledge on sailing and classic boats. He has also been known to give a discount.

Here's a link to a short video that Alasdair made of an Arctic expedition to sail to and then climb the most northern volcano in the world on an island called Jan Mayen. When you've watched it you will know why he knows what he's talking about.

One of Alasdairs Expeditions

With the long nights upon us, the boat show over and summer still feeling a long way away it's lovely to see the heart of yachting beating away in central London at Arthur Beale.

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