Weekend Visit to the Good Ship


The Good Ship
Two weeks ago we flew up to visit the good ship. The trip was badged as a maintenance exercise but to be honest the only work we absolutely had to do was grind and grease her seacocks and clean the prop. Everything else could be done at Easter. She'd been hauled out a few weeks earlier so we were good to go.

The Lads
When you're apart from a loved one for a long time you always worry that something might have happened .. that they might have changed in some way. So I was bit nervous because I hadn't seen Brim since the summer. I shouldn't have worried though. Inverness Marina had done a brilliant job of looking after her and all was dry and sound aboard with a small heater to keep her snug and warum (Scottish for warm).

Eider Duck, Cockney Mallard and Chirpy Chick were all well, although it has to be said that Cockney was a bit grumpy having been left for 6 months.

We spent Saturday tinkering on sea cocks and the prop and compiling lists of stuff that would need doing before we head off through the Caledonian Canal at Easter.

Saturday was great weather but Sunday was even nicer and I was able to sneak in a cheeky run up a hill as part of the on-going training for the Scottish Isles Race. It was a lovely 12 miles up 500 metres of hills on a beautiful crisp Sunday morning - what could be better?

Since we've visited she's been put back in the water and we are now ready to go for Easter hols.


Cockney Mallard said...

Of course I was grumpy. At one stage it was so cold my beak stuck to the porthole. That heater you installed was nowhere near big enough

Unknown said...

The heater wasn't supposed to turn the inside of the Boat into a holiday destination it was just to keep the damp out. John

Cockney Mallard said...

Well it didn't. And it's still cold. Cockney