The Caledonian Canal and Operation CC ( Invermoriston to Laggan Locks)

The passage over Easter was:

Day 1 Clachnaharry Sea Lock to anchorage at Invermoriston
Day 2 Invermoriston to Laggan Locks
Day 3 Laggan Locks to Fort William
Day 4 Fort William to Oban

Day 2 Invermoriston to Laggan Locks

The sail to Fort Augustus was just a few hours

St Benedicts Abbey

Flight of locks at Fort Augustus

Moored up and waiting for lock gates to open so we can be lifted up to Loch Oich

One of five locks at Fort Augustus. The whole canal was dug and built by hand between 1803 and 1822. The canal is an astonishing piece of engineering but did overrun by 12 years and was double the original estimated price of £474,000.

Thembi and Brimble move through the locks still connected together. You can see
 Loch Ness below in the background.

Donking along the canal towards Cullochy and Loch Oich

A swing bridge opens to let you into Loch Oich

Unlike Loch Ness and Loch Lochy, Loch Oich has some shallow bits. It would have been far too easy to have
 gone aground so we decided not to.

We moored up for the night just before Laggan Locks with plans for a run up a hill and a BBQ.

The two boats moored up for the night

Tim and I sneaked off for a couple of hours and ran up the nearest hill to get a view of the good ships

Loch Lochy was the prettiest of the three lochs by a long way. Definitely our favourite

Back from our run and out with the faithful cob for a bbq. A little nippy but then a bbq in Scotland, in March, was never going to be warm. As the Norwegians say .. there's no such thing as the wrong weather, just the wrong clothes. We had the right clothes.

After dinner we had a warming game of  'Toilet Tag' lead by Hamish. The game is similar to 'It' or 'Stuck in the Mud'. However, when caught you are required to squat down and raise your hand ready to be flushed. If a free member of the team is able to flush you then you're back in play but if not you're stuck in the squat position. After a run up a hill this is harder than it may sound!

This is a pub and it felt rude to pass by without visiting .. so we visited. Inside they had a replica of a light sabre. Alex
was very proficient. Fortunately we managed to get a video of her demonstrating her knowledge of the 'Force'.

The view of the hills from the boat. How beautiful is that?


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