A few days after the referendum .. reflections of three ducks

So, on Thursday you all voted to leave Europe.  We thought this was a surprising decision. We, of course, didn't vote because ducks of all ages along with under 18 year old people don't have a vote. Presumably that's because ducks and young people aren't clever although when you reach 18 you do become clever which is something to look forward to if you're under 18. Anyway, we digress.

To be absolutely honest we didnt really know why the majority of people wanted to leave the EU but after a quick duck to duck discussion we concluded it's because of the flag ..what other possible reason is there? And we get the whole flag thing, we would prefer a flag with little ducks on it instead of stars. Once we realised it was all about the  flag the other parts of the jigsaw fell into place explaining the willingness to sacrifice prosperity, security and peace, ignoring countless world leaders, industrialists, economists and listening to the awesome insight provided by the Daily Mail. Suddenly the whole thing was very clear ..... you're all quackers. Anyway, we thought we would have a think about what the new Union flag should look like when Scotand, Northern Ireland and Wales have left ...We came up with the rough sketch below. It needs work but we think the basics are there?

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