June means Ireland

Whey hey. Not long now and we're back to Scotland and the GS Brimble for the next leg of the longest ever circumnavigation of Blighty. Well not quite true. It has been a long time,  three years, but unfortunately we've missed off the top of Scotland and all things being equal we'll also be going the wrong way round Ireland .. so, more the longest ever circumnavigation of England rather than Blighty. Anyway, the point is we're off sailing and we're heading south.

Just before a little voyage like this I start to get fixated with Weather Forecasts and this ones no difference. What's great though is the internet. People say that the Internet is powerful because it has toppled governments, made and ruined careers, created and destroyed whole industries and of course saved lives by providing instant resolution of arguments when you're down the pub. But for me the benefit of the Internet is far more subtle. It's about choice and more specifically the ability for me to choose from literally hundreds of weather forecasts; because providing you're willing to invest time searching you can almost always find one that gives you really good weather. It's true that you can't restrict yourself to one forecaster for more than say 6 hours, but, providing you're agile and exhibit the loyalty of a cat, all will be well, and I am delighted to say that it is. Unusually for Scotland and Ireland the weather is looking excellent. There are a few hours on Monday when it will rain but that's fine because we'll to go to the pub. For the rest of the time it's looking pretty good.

So, the plan is simple if a little unrefined; Scotland, Northern Ireland and Ireland, ideally in that order and ideally with a pint of Guinness on the way. We do have flights home from Dublin so somewhere in that country would be ideal but I have missed bigger targets before so fingers crossed.

I have assembled an elite team for this trip in the shape of Chris 'The Perk' Perkins, Rob Parsons and of course Eider, Cockney and Chirpy.

A pint of Guinness

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