Dun Loghaire to Wicklow (Sunday 18th July)

Our original plan was to sail 30 miles south down to Arklow. But a stiff headwind and wind over tide conditions conspired to slow us down so in the end  we sneaked into Wicklow a few miles north of Arklow. We should have trusted the 'fickle finger of fate' because Wicklow was great. Kids swimming in the harbour, dinghies whizzing around, fishing boats loading up and the good ship snugged up against the harbour wall in and amongst it. Before we moored up we sneaked right up to the town quay until there was no water left. Great fun.

Creek crawling up into Wicklow. In the end we turned round because
we thought we might not be able to BBQ,

Snugged up alongside the harbour wall

Tom driving the faithful Cobb BBQ with great skill whilst the nervous
dad watches on. 

A few more pics to paint the scene

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