The soft shackle

Love'em or hate'em the soft shackle is here to stay, but what exactly is a soft shackle. Isn't the whole point of a shackle that it's well 'ard like Cockney Mallard after 8 pints of Special Brew? Well, yes and no. What we want is not so much a hard shackle as a strong shackle, the well known expression, a strong shackle is a good shackle didn't come from nowhere! But we digress, in essence a soft shackle is a shackle made of rope. Rob P spotted an article in Yachting Monthly and decided that we needed to make one and so we did. Combining brains, brawn and style captain and crew of the good ship worked tirelessly to make not one but three soft shackle. Two have already been deployed  at either end of the kick strap where metal on metal wear has proved to be an historic problem .. we are fairly sure at this rate there won't be a metal shackle left on the GSB.

Check out this Link

Rob and Tom proudly showing the newly made shackle

The tools of the trade

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