Youghal to Royal Cork Yacht Club

Our quest for a pint of Guinness in the worlds oldest yacht club was close to an end as we set off from Yougal bound towards Cork and the Royal Cork Yacht Club. Every sail so far had been tough but this time we were hopeful that both wind and tide would be at least a little favourable and whoop whoop they were. It was a cracking sail and having left at 0700 hrs we found ourselves moored and tidy shortly after lunch. During the night sail the day before we had lost both the port nav light and the mast light so with another night sail the next day I popped up the mast to fix a loose connection. The port nav light was also sorted and after a top up with water and fuel we were able to head to the club.
Rob, looking cool and calm as we pass a 'stealth' lighthouse on Ballycotton Island

Approach to Crosshaven and The Royal Cork Yacht Club

Brimble moored up at the Royal Cork Yacht Club Marina

Up the mast fixing the light. I must admit, in the pouring rain I'm not so sure how good a job I did
The ducks enjoy the view of Brim out of the Yacht Club

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