Brimble discovers a new and briliant artist

I have recently been searching for the right person to take on the vital role of Ships Artist. This is an obvious gap in Team Brimble because we are largely dependent on photographs to capture the adventures on board the good ship.

To help bring the role of Ships Artist to life for readers of the blog I would describe it as similar to the role of Royal Photographer although, obviously, Ships Artist (Brimble) is a more sort-after accolade and self-evidently it's not photographs it's paintings. So actually not similar at all.

Anyway, to cut a long story short our intense search has ended and we have appointed Cerys Organ to the role. More exciting is that Cerys has already completed her first commission which you can see below. This first piece is called 'Brimble Boat' and clearly evidences an astonishing talent.

Cerys, completed this picture from a photograph but still somehow managed to capture the mood on the good ship. Brimble's Ship's Artist is available for commissions not related to the Good Ship providing it doesn't detract her from her official duties. If you want a quote for a painting then email me on and I will forward your request to Cerys.

This inaugural piece shows the good ship steaming along the English Channel towards Eastbourne enjoying a force 6-7 westerly and largely clear skies ... perfect.

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