Naming the Dinghy by Jack (18.11.08)

We do not have a name for our dinghy and you need to have one to stop other people taking it away, like stealing. Everyone in our family chose a name they liked for the dinghy, the four choices were: Nettle, Stinger, Flash and Poppy. We all voted for our favourite name but could not vote for the name we had created. The name with the most votes was Poppy, it was my choice. I felt fantastic and proud.

Daddy, Ella and I found a shop that made sticky letters and Ella chose the style of writing that she liked for Poppy. We came back to the boat, pumped up the dinghy and then we put the name on the dinghy. We put the names in two places to make it more difficult to take them off for anyone to steal it. We did not call the dinghy Brimble like lots of boats do because Mummy had read somewhere that when you take the dinghy ashore people can see who is not on their boat because the same name is on the dinghy and then someone could row out to our boat and steal from it, so that is why we have a dinghy now called POPPY.

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