A film night by Jack 22/11/08

One of my favourite things at Tenerife was when I met new friends, I have been playing on their boat lots and lots, they are called James, Martin, Peter and their older sister Michelle, she is twelve years old: they come from Belfast in Ireland (– thought you would like to know this Charlie!) I rowed over to their boat because to walk there would take too long and I told them do you want to come to my boat for a film, the choices were, Cars, St Trinians, Back to the Future and Herbie goes Bananas. The boys all chose St Trinians.

They arrived at 3 o’clock, Daddy made pancakes for everyone with Ella’s help. Ella was helping because she had already had her treat of a sleepover, so she was not included in this and was my servant. The pancakes were delicious and I only had two though! I think my friends really enjoyed it. Daddy made us popcorn too and we ate lots and lots. Ella was ready to leave the boat when we settled down to watch the film, but I said she could stay, I think she was pleased.

The computer went on top of the engine so that everyone could see the screen, in the fore peak lying down to watch the film were Martin and I, Peter was underneath us in the space under the bunk. Ella, Michelle and James were in the main part of the boat called the saloon. There was no room for Mummy and Daddy down below so they sat outside in the cock pit doing something else. I really enjoyed it and we had even more nibbles to eat and things to drink.

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