Arrival in Barbados

We arrived in Barbados safe and sound on the 21st of December after 2800 miles and 24 days at sea with one shower. Proper update to follow.


Sarah said...

Hoorah!!! How amazing - and what a great passage time - 116 miles a day....!!!

So glad you made it - you must be feeling so proud - it's an amazing achievement!!

I'm sure you had a fantastic christmas celebration - so look forward to hearing all about it and seeing you having a cocktail at the Boat Shed!!! Lots and lots and lots of love...>Sarah xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

We're delightd to her that you have made it safely to Barbados in time for Christmas - well done Family Halsall.
Lots of love
The Bryers Family

Anonymous said...

and in the new year I'm going to learn to type properly and proof read before sending !
Obviously we're DELIGHTED to HEAR etc.
Cheryl x

Anonymous said...

Dear Jack and Ella, I hope you've had a good Christmas in Barbados, and I hope you are having a great time.

I hope you have a merry christmas and a happy new year. We look forward to seeing you next year at school.

Love Chloe (Jack's classmate!)

Nina said...

So come on then, where's the next update?!

Having so much fun following along with the blogs and videos. Ella's videos are so professional! But I agree, there should be some more shots of Mummy and Daddy :)

Started snowing here today, maybe a white new year.


Sarah said...

I echo dying to hear all the details......xx

Sarah said...

Come on - can't wait any longer - it's not as if you have anything else to do - except swim, drink rum, bbq's on the beach, read books and generally chill out...!!

Is there a number I can call you on - dying to speak to you all....