Whats Happening Now?

After just over a year of adventure, 17 countries visited and something like 10,000 miles logged, the time has come to return to normal life. Strange though it may seem this is something we are all ready for.

The pleasures of running water, the thrills of cooking using an oven and the delight of flushing versus pumping are still to lose their charm. The good ship has looked after us in all weather but is indisputably compact and whilst four people sharing a bedroom, kitchen, toilet and lounge in one room has undoubtedly brought the Halsalls together we're all now looking forward to just a little more space.

We will miss the incredible feeling of freedom that you enjoy on an adventure like this but, for a family at least, freedom and insecurity go hand in hand so now it's time to lose a bit of the freedom and gain a bit of security.

In respect to Brimble, the good ship is now safely tucked up in Plymouth. To most passers-by she is what she looks like ... a pretty, little family cruiser, maybe by modern standards a bit small and some would say a little old. But, a few people, who understand these things, can see what she really is ... a tough ocean going yacht that's carried a family safely across oceans and loved every minute of it.

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Anonymous said...

Glad that you arrived safely back in UK. Envious of such an adventure. We met you and G S Brimble at Marina Key, BVI.
Peter and Ruthanne