Kristiansand to Brevik

Jack takes the helm as we depart Kristiansand (background)

Kristiansand is a great spot but more commercial than the surrounding coastal towns. Visit the cathedral which has just been refurbished

Anchored stern too between Ytre and Indre Oya

Just off the main channel is this little haven. We anchored and then reversed up to the steep sided island. Jack jumped ashore and made us fast on anchor rings bolted into the rock face. These anchor rings are all over the place and usually marked in the local pilots.

Sailing or more often than not motoring through the Blindleia is great fun with some challenging navigation for non-locals. The channels are well marked but it's difficult to get used to complete reliance on marks and a chart that you need a magnifying glass to read.


There are perfect spots to stop every few miles and a lot more than shown in the pilots. We used three pilots which I have gathered over the years. They all painted part of the picture, together you got close.

A cold swim; I was bravely spotting jelly fish

Barbecuing using the Cob BBQ is just a pleasure. You can even use it on our tiny boat at a push. They're great. Strongly recommended. 

Navigating through the inland waterways. On the whole trip from Kristiansand to Brevik it is only necessary to be out at sea for a few hours.

A pleasant evening in Arendal on the town quay. There is a marina just along the coast which is quieter

Going into Risor .. a very familiar landfall when sailing with Alasdair on Sumara

Mooring alongside was very much the norm. Many locals consider it safer than anchoring. The large inflatable fender we have proved very useful although it did cost as much as the dinghy!

When I said 'I want a bronze statue of a man
sailing backwards' this isn't what I meant!

 The weather was great but later in the season it can turn cold quickly

Finding little hidden spots to moor up for the  night never lots its charm

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