South Coast of Norway from Mandal to Brevik (Rob, Gordon and John)

We arrived in Mandal on the 18th July after an idyllic and fast passage over from the east coast of England.

View of the guest marina at Mandal. To the left of the photo is the theatre and tourist office

Adjacent to the marina was an enormous orange buoy ... it's size suggested it was important and should be respected ...

Mandal: Guest marina to starboard and theater and tourist office to port

From Mandal we sailed east  to the horse shoe shaped island of Udvar. Well sheltered, remote and beautiful, we moored alongside a wooden jetty and enjoyed a clamber ashore, a Cobb bbq and a glass of whisky with our next door neighbours. 

Udvar: View of Brimble (right hand side of photo) anchored
in a sheltered bay at Udvar

From Udvar we sailed an hour or so along the coast to a popular local 'secret anchorage', between the islands of Helgoya and Kapelloya. In reality it wasn't so secret! This was our first experience of mooring alongside rock, but once we got over the mental problem of taking the good ship so close to something so hard it was surprisingly straightforward. Uber fender was great to have and the locals were visibly impressed by the size of fender compared to the size of the boat !

Uber fender works her magic

Nestled against the cliff face of Helgoya


From Helgoya we enjoyed a boisterous sail, into the wind along the coast and inner passages to Kristiansand.

Kristiansand Marina was very busy but after a little to-ing and fro-ing we found a great spot to moor up.

Safely tucked up in Kristiansand

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