Reine to Alesund

Reine to Kristiansund was just over 300 miles. We had a great sail with a Northerly
wind all the way.We hardly ran the engine at all. It never got dark as you can see
 by the sun at midnight. It was cold but when the sun came out it
 was lovely.

Great downwind sailing

We arrived in Kristiansund pretty much exactly 3 days after departure.
Kristiansund was a very industrial port but what it lacked in 'quaint' atmosphere
 it more than made up for by the size of the spanners it sold. I was right on the edge
of buying one of these badgers.

The lads were the first to make friends. An Eider Duck was with us within a few minutes
 to chat with Ed and then a sparrow came over for dinner.

From Kristiansund we continued south to Byornsund. A tiny
fishing village well off shore 

The entrance into Byornsund was tight even for the little Brimble but once we were tucked
 up it was a real favourite. The island was tiny and there was no one there!

Rob showed off his softer side when he returned with a bunch of flowers.
 We never asked who they were for. They were lovely though and I
think he meant them for me.

The team in their glory on the windward side of the island

The good ship in glorious isolation in Byornsund

Spanish Tortilla is simple to make but you must always remember
 to allow enough room for the egg. The glass of wine was certainly part
 of the problem!

Rob took us out of Byornsund bound for Alesund. The sail there was
 spectacular as we tacked through narrow channels and in and out of the islands. Using the Ipad
 with Navionics charts worked brilliantly and I think I am almost in the place of
 trusting to electronics!

We found a perfect slot for the good shiop. Twenty feet from the
 bar and fifty feet from the showers. The architecture is fabulous and
we all love Alesund. Up there with the best of them

View of Alesund

Trouble with this type of phone box is that theres nowhere to put the porn!

Cant help pop another photo in ... it was just such a nice little spot we had!

After 2 days we moved round to Norvevika Marina. This was quite spectacular
and is where the GSB is now. The photo speaks for itself!

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