Harstad to Reine

Harstad to Reine (15th - 18th June 2015)
We departed almost as soon as we launched. The photo shows the Fishing Boat factory.
We had been kindly allowed to sleep in the big grey building with the fisherman.

Rodskjaer to Lodingen. A tough beat to windward from 1100 through to 2000, It was
 pretty cold and a bit wet but great to be back at sea. Lodingen was much
nicer than I recall and we enjoyed an Italian meal in Norway
served by the Turkish proprietor.

The gales through the winter had twisted the wind-vane so a bit of mast work was
 needed. I checked the rigging whilst I was up there - all ok.
It's the devils own job to get bread that fit well on the grill but in Norway it's easy!
From Lodingen to Skrova, an Island opposite the capital of Lofoten,  Svolsvaer; a much better choice. Chris was able to enjoy whale meat for the first time. Lovely snug little bar which had only opened 2 days
 before for the season. Our faces were red from the icey breeze so the wood burning stove was a lovey welcome.

A lovely sail from Lodingen to Nusfyord
Nusfjord is an idyllic fishing village. There's just room for a few fishing boats, us and an adventurous
 Dutch Yacht called Mae West. We shared a quick pint with Anders the skipper. He's heading up to Svalbard
and then onto Greenland - we swapped tales.

View looking back to the entrance to Nusfjord. The mountains sparkle in the crisp, clear air that
no photo can do justice to.

A light bite to kick the day off

Enjoring the weather. Although cold it was now dry and when the sun came
 out it was glorious

And back to Reine; quite the most beautiful place I have ever visited.

As we moored up it felt like we had never left. We were in exactly the same place.
As usual we were on our own.

That night and the following two nights we re-familiarised ourselves with the friends
we had made last year. The chef at the local restaurant is an absolute star - the food is great and
providing you NEVER EVER EVER work out how much money you have spent the
evenings are great. We decided that this restaurant is our favourite ... in the world
By now Phil and Rob had arrived and Chris was heading home. Next stop, the long sail to Kristiansund.

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