The beginning of the season

London to Harstad (xxth June)

Selma and I flew out arriving in Harstad at midnight. We went to
our hotel room and found a couple in our bed - this was quite surprising.
 There were no more rooms in the hotel but we found a cabin closer to the
 good ship and half the price so all worked out well

The good ship was out of the water outside a factory that makes fishing boats. A great place
but as you can see fairly bleak. We arrived to 5 degrees and heavy rain. Overall the good ship was
well but the varnish had disintegrated and cans of fruit cocktail, beer and stews had exploded in
 the bilges .. who would have thought?

Chris joined the good ship on Monday and Selma flew home to support Ella doing GCSEs.
Before we could launch Brimble we had to rope round the Lifeboat that had broken down!

The launch of the good ship was far less traumatic than the haul-out and we slipped
in and were off within an hour. Everything worked fine although the
 heads seacock is a little bit leaky now.

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