Alesund to Lerwick (Shetland Islands)

A good crew with Rob Parsons and young Jack H poised to stand his first watch. Not bad at 14.

We had a great stay in Alesund and will definitely go back when we have a bit more time.

So on the 25th July we set off in a blustery F5 from the WNW.

Jack completed his first night watch at 2230 and was able to enjoy the midnight sun, or near enough!

A bit of excitement  when a tug called us at 0300 (Oceanic Challenge) to request 7nm clearance to a tow. The call came when we at about 7.5 nm away so some drama to get the blood moving. All well though.

We arrived Lerwick at 1700 the following day. Parking up was a little tricky due to a very strong wind onto the pontoon, very little room and massive prop wash from a cruise ship shore boat that was sitting opposite our berth. We had a couple of goes but were soon tucked up safe and sound.

A boisterous 250 mile trip but good fun and as ever the god ship did us proud. Well done Brim.

A few photos:

Jack steering us out of Alesund

Capn and Rob catch some sleep

First night at sea

We were welcomed into Lerwick by a fellow cruiseship

The offending Cruise Ship Shuttle Boat

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