Shetland Islands to Peterhead (St Peters Head)

We spent a day walking and exploring Lerwick but time was pressing and I was keen to keep heading south. Next stop was Peterhead another 250 miles south.

Our stay in Lerwick was short but eventful. We met Hari from Iceland who it transpired had provided Charlotte with diesel for our Jan Mayen Trip and who knows Siggy very well; we were able to evidentially prove that women want independence for Scotland from the UK but Men don't; we tested the local fish and chip shop out which get s the thumbs up and most importantly I was able to buy a new, hand knitted, jumper from a great shop in the harbour Anderson & Co. The ladies who served us were great but were not willing to entertain a part exchange or throw in a sheepskin rug which they claimed was an acceptable alternative to a wife? Anyway, a great shop and worth a visit. Link on the home page.

We also met a hardy pair of adventurers from Norway who are sailing south for a year off. Destination not yet known but somewhere warmer; I don't blame them. Fred, the skipper was with his son but  is going to need crew in the spring so if you fancy a sail from somewhere warm to somewhere cooler next year then Freds your man.

So on the 29th July we departed Lerwick. The forecast was pretty rough with up to F7 on the day of which for Brim is uncomfortable. The whole of the UK had strong wind warnings which reflects the typical weather this summer. Ho Hum. Nobody else left the harbour except us!

It did prove to be a fairly perky little sail but with the wind behind us it was exciting and we were able to fully test the Gimballed Anti Spill Pan (GASP).

We arrived Peterhead three days later and were welcomed into the Marina by Billy. An absolutely top chap and a warm, welcome after a bouncy sail. That night we celebrated with sausages and potatoe supper.

A few photos:

The sheep were not normal on the Shetlands but they do make god jumpers

The yacht club which gave us a great welcome

The harbour where we were moored

Some fairly choppy seas

Still choppy

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