Giant Hypalon Fender

Giant Inflatable Hypalon Fender (uber-fender)

This fender is one of the best buys I have ever made - we call it the 'uber-fender'. Not because its German but because it 's enormous.

When you're rafted alongside a big, fat, ugly boat, with shroud crushing top sides; a wet, slimy, seaweed strewn harbour wall; a rock hard Norwegian rock face or just a choppy marina berth (Cowes) with masts rocking dangerously close to each other you need an uber fender.

Your expression will change from concerned frown to knowing smile as you dive into your small boat cockpit and inflate the biggest fender in town which is also an instant comfort blanket. It is absolutely brilliant. Yes, they cost a lot of money (about the same as your dinghy) but gosh they are worth every penny. Check out Hypalon Fenders.

I use mine four or five times a year and every time I pump it up I have a big smile on my face. The photos above are of the good ship tied up to a sheer rock face in Norway. Normal fenders may have coped but  'uber' provided that extra bit of comfort.

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