Fish Finger Wraps a la Ocean Trust

Our thanks to Alex who put this exciting recipe forward. It draws upon his experience cooking for young people on board a sail training ship and serves 18.

We have given this a difficulty rating of 'high' due to the significant number of people you need to cook for. We would encourage a practice-go with say 9 people. To do this simply half the ingredients (cooking times remain unchanged).

Fish Fingers

90 fish fingers
36 Wraps
1Kg Cheddar Cheese
Salad for garnish
Sauces (various)


Arrange 90 fish fingers in as many trays as your oven can take. The trick here is to lie them all on their sides to save space and NEVER stack them on top of each other as this will weld them together, destroying the beautiful equation that is 3 convenient boxes of 30 fish fingers = 90, divided by 18 (number of crew) equals EXACTLY five.

Whilst these are cooking:

Delegate the crew member with the cleanest hands to grate 1kg of Cheddar Cheese

Make two large bowls of salad (careful with the knives and it's the GREEN chopping boards...)

Find your wraps. Plain White is always the safest option, and 2 per person.

Select sauces. This is crucial; failure to have the correct sauce for the correct crew member will cause a reaction ranging between disappointment and downright outrage. Don't even consider NOT having all of the following: Ketchup, Brown, Sweet Chilli, BBQ, Burger, Hot, Mayo, Tartare, Mustard and Mango Chutney.

Serve! However you decide to do this it will be chaos as there is just never enough room at the table.

Additional Information

Monitor fish finger consumption like a hawk. An interesting divide will emerge between people who like to have 1 wrap REALLY full and those who like two medium full ones. Make of this what you will.

The aim of sail training is effectively to stave off mutiny one meal at a time so go for Bird's Eye fish fingers, Cathedral City cheese, HEINZ ketchup and so on and all will be well!


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