Pate de Fois Gras (de bateau)

Our thanks to Paul Elliot for this clever recipe that builds on the subtleties of French cuisine whilst reflecting the more feral instincts of a half starved transatlantic yachtsman.

We have given this excellent recipe a difficulty rating of 'very high' due to the challenge of securing the ingredients

An Albatross
Serves 1


1 Albatross
Salad for garnish
Goose barnacles
Hard antifoul


Catch the Albatross (bread and catapult method)
Tear guts out and discard remainder
Try to identify liver
Cook liver (optional)
Serve on toast, or something ..

Additional Information

Serve with a salad garnish, a tumbler of aquavit and some raw goose barnacles plucked fresh from the boot-top having been raised and fed on any highly toxic antifoul.

Repeat above 1 - 3 times per crew member for a decent meal

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