Ardglass and the best restaurant in Northern Ireland ... Aldo's

We arrived last night at Ardglass after a phenomenal fine reach across the Irish Sea. We sneaked in to the Marina at low water springs and within a few minutes we had the good ship snugged up in her berth. We soon set off in search of a beer and a bite to eat and found in moments what is probably the best restaurant in Northern Ireland, Aldo's. It's an absolute gem. As soon as you walk in you want to stay .. and we did. Great food, great value and lovely people, it was top notch. The last great restaurant we have visited was up in Reine, in the Arctic, so we don't come across them often. If you're in Ireland then head to Ardglass and ask for Niall, the owner, and his great team Rachel and Niamh. Niall's wife was cooking for us and she did an incredible job .. Thank you Mrs Niall.

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