The Isle of Man TT race

This motorcycle race is reputedly the most dangerous motor race in the world. 247 people have been killed in its 100 year history as bikes race round a circuit on the island consisting entirely of public roads. Bales of straw and foam cushions are placed over trees, walls and house corners to try and reduce the inevitable consequences of a high speed crash. The course record that we targeted is a staggering 16 minutes and 53 seconds at an average speed of 134 mph. It was a tough ask but we were determined to go for it.

On the day we completed our circuit in 4 hrs 45 mins 4 seconds narrowly missing the course record. It was disappointing not to be up there on the leader board but we were on bicycles and we did stop for a cup of tea half way round. This said our maximum speed was an impressive 40.9mph so whilst we were slow up the hills we didn't hang around going down the other side.

On our return to Peel we completed the first ever stretch-rehydrate-dehydrate recovery session by going straight into the pub, ordering a pint of water and a pint of beer each and then stretching against the bar. I think this technique may catch on.

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