Dublin and Howth Marina

As Rob and I sat at the bar of Howth Yacht Club last night, it felt like only yesterday that we were here last and to be honest it wasn't far off because we dropped Brim off only 3 weeks ago .. I could definitely get used to 3 weeks on 2 weeks off.

The good ship was in fine fettle when we dropped our bags into the cockpit, well satisfied after a few pints of Guinness that were essential to quenching the desperate thirst that we'd developed on the tough journey over from London. All that we needed now was a light supper to finish a perfect evening and so at half past one this morning we were frying up and enjoyed an egg, bacon and black pudding sandwich.

Since we'd last been on board both Rob and I had been working the Internet and Amazon hard. I had successfully bought a new whistle for the whistling kettle that wouldn't whistle and had also discovered and bought 4m of the most expensive reflective tape in THE WORLD. This was to stick on the radar reflector. Meanwhile Rob had not been idle having throughly investigated the methods used for making a 'soft shackle' as well as tracking down an App for our UE Boom Speakers. this allows us to use both Brimbles and Shantis at the same time ... this would not be amazing unless Rob happened to have bought his speaker with him ... which he had .. whoop whoop. More of this in due course.

So a good day .. The whistle whistles, the boom speakers boom, the repaired Genoa is on, we have filled up with water, we have bought 4 apples and we are good to go.

Tomorrow we plan to sneak across Dublin Bay to Dun Laoghaire (mysteriously pronounced Dun Leary) where we will pick up the new Ships Doctor, Tom.

Putting taped up reflector on

Howth Marina

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