Where is Helen?

We've struggled with wifi a little so my cunning plan to update in near real time hasn't quite worked, it's more like not nearly real time. Anyway, we are currently in the Royal Cork Yacht Club and we have a spot of wifi so I thought I'd do a crucial update ... by the way the Royal Cork is the oldest yacht club in the world ... more of that later when I write the trip up properly.

For the moment, cast your mind back to Howth (Dublin). Whilst we were waiting for the ships Doctor to arrive Rob and I popped out for a fish dinner and as luck would have it stumbled upon the best fish restaurant in Ireland and probably the world. We promised that we would share our discovery. It's called The Oar House.  The restaurant runs its own trawler that catches the fish they serve. Great. Well worth a visit. Ask for Eva.

Eva, Debbie, Alice and Lucia ... BUT WHERE IS HELEN?

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