Its almost Spring

Ladies and gentlemen (spoken in an announcing things voice) this is Brimble calling ... I say again ... this is Brimble calling ... we have dates for the season. But we also have this little song and video that I stumbled upon to get us ready for Spring sailing ... not that its got much to do with Spring or sailing but hey.

Dates are as follows:

Up to and including Easter we are getting the good ship ready after her refit ... she will be even more lovely ... and yes, I know what you're thinking ... but it is possible ... just.

So the dates are:

13th/14th May
27th/28th May/29th May pus maybe some leave as it's bank holiday to extend
3rd/4th June (Fully crewed JH/SH)
10th/11th June
17th June - 25th June Sail to Amsterdam
15th/16th July
22nd/23rd July (Fully crewed SH/JH)
26th/27th/28th August (Jack and a mate?)
2nd/3rd September

... and then we will see how we go.

In respect to location, the short answer is we are East Coast at the moment and will stay there until Amsterdam then we will see where we end up. We're considering nipping over to Spain next year so may well head westwards at the end of the season. But who knows. Lets not worry about such details at this stage.

The more important thing is planning weekends. Whoop whoop. So let me know whether you fancy sailing any of these weekends or the week trip to Amsterdam will be great I'm sure. It may be we could extend this to 10 days if demand is there.

I will send an email out but will update this note as weekends get filled up.

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