Brimble undergoing some much earned TLC


So the Good Ship is in the workshop under the careful supervision of Martin Kendall of Shotley Marina. The
engine and gearbox is out, all fittings have been removed, painting and refurbishment of deck is close to completion and not long before we start putting things back. We are spot-on budget and spot-on time although in fairness there is no absolute nitty-gritty-rigidly-fixed budget ... more of a directional, 'that feels about right and vital for crew health and safety type directional budget'.

We chose Shotley and Martin in particular because he is the only boatbuilder I have ever met who does what you have agreed and he's doing a great job. Providing technical advice all the way through.

We visited this weekend and she looks lovely. Here's a few pictures

Serious conversation about just how good this all looks .. oh yeah

Shiny new. The blue is non slip and looks like a perfect match to the original gel coat

Forepeak hatch to be refitted with a better catch. Occasionally it would spring open!

Treadmaster will be replaced around the gas locker and in cockpit

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