First sail of the year - Shotley to Bradwell to Woolverstone 'n' back - Early May Bank Holiday 2018

It's spring and the Good Ship B is ready and raring to go. What better shakedown sail than a bank holiday cruise down to the local nuclear power station and back. Selma and I on board.

The weather was a perfect spring. The air still has that crispy edge to the warmth (and so requiring full use of the excellent Arthur Beale jumper) but at the same time the feeling of a hot summer just round the corner. Fabbo.

I won't bore you with the nitty-gritty details of the trip mainly because I'm writing this 3 months after the event and can't remember the nitty-gritty details ... to be honest I struggle to recall a vague recollection of what happened last week. I could of course reference the comprehensive ships log book but that is currently 107 miles away with the ship so let's just look at pictures and avoid hard facts ...

Donking along the Thames Estuary off Clacton

Sails up and all well with the world

A fishing boat ... fishing ... the lack of seagulls says a lot

Entering Bradwell marina ... it's getting a little run down now but has a familarity about it that I cant resist

Looking down Bradwell Creek. You have to take a little care entering the marina a few hours either side of LW

Ghosting along at 4kts in flat calm but light breeze

Some much needed maintenance of the foresail winches

Beach huts and so English 

Royal Harwich Marina ... we were actually at Woolverstone so I dont quite know why I took this picture ... we were on our way to the pub (Butt and Oyster) not on the way back

If you are ever at Woolverstone then a walk to Pin Mill is essential and of course a pint at the famous Inn

Brimbles best friend Sumara of Weymouth at Kings Boatyard

Walking back from the pub in the twilight is lovely. A great picture by Selma

The River Orwell 

Sailing back up the river. The Butt and Oyster pub that we had paid a vital visit to the night before

A field

Snugged up in her berth and ready for her next outing. Note she is reversed in like what modern boats do

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