Charity Weekend with Bridget and Harriet (18-20th May)

So, this weekend the Good Ship Brimble enjoyed the pleasure of sailing with Bridget and Harriet Rosewell. We had auctioned a weekend away at the Railway Ball charity event and Bridget, despite being someone who could have had a free weekend, bid and won the honour. Both Rosewells were great company and we had a really memorable weekend together with some glorious weather and fun sailing. On Friday afternoon we kicked off with a quiet sail down the Orwell as far as Woolverstone Marina. That even8ng we enjoyed the classic east coast walk to the Butt and Oyster pub. Next day was a jolly jaunt back up the Orwell and then downhill to Bradwell-on-Sea so named because its on the sea. Sunday brought more sunshine and the headwind that slowed us down. Little on the way home meant that we had enough water to slip into Walton Backwaters and see the location for Arthur Ransomes classic book Secret Water. Great weekend. Some snaps that sum it up  


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