Recruitment of new crew (24th June)

Last summer the Digings family (William, Meredith and their mum and dad, Robert and Alison) visited the good ship at Shotley for an ice cream. Rather annoyingly a minor engine problem prevented us from making a voyage on the day but the family expressed some interest to learn more about sailing - I spotted the potential of these new recruits immediately. This said, as we all know 'there's many a slip twixt the cup and the lip' so a days sailing was urgently necessary to secure the interest of Meredith and William and their Mum and Dad.

The opportunity to meet my promise didn't arrive until this year but on yet another perfect day things came together and we once again rendezvoused at Shotley Marina. The good ship enjoyed a full crew. William is a natural engineer and was soon up to speed with engine, electronics and rigging.  Meredith was more interested in the pirating side of sailing and brought on board a very healthy appetite to rob, steal and plunder; so much so that we did briefly engage with the famous 'Nancy Blackett' as we sailed up the Orwell. She arrived with a skull and crossbones which was proudly flown from the cross-trees. William, flew his own personal red-ensign.

So, great capability brought by the kids ... Robert and Alison brought lunch.

A great day was had by all especially me. It's the greatest honour to introduce this hobby to new people and I hope this won't be the last time the Digings visit the good ship. The whole family were great but Alison's quiet lust for adventure shone through like a glow worm in a paper bag.

Some in-your-face advice from Meredith

Careful helming by the ships Engineer

Hoisting the skull and cross bones

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