Shotley to Ramsgate to Dover (20-22nd July 2018)

Whey hey ... time to get the good ship downwards and ready for our summer holiday. Top man and First Mate, Rob P, on board with a planned stop off at Ramsgate to pick up Tom Parsons, the Ships Doctor before we sail to Dover.

I love the passage across the Thames estuary. Loads of exciting sand banks to dodge, a complicated tide and plenty of traffic to weave between.

Weather was lovely and warm but I'm afraid for Saturday was wind free so it was a bit of a donk. Sunday was much perkier.

Here are the pictures.

Marine Traffic shot of the route we took. Interestingly the tide seems to support the 'outer' route going south and the inner route going north.

North Foreland creeping up on the starboard side

Not a sight you would want to see but if you look carefully you will see that she's at anchor!

Snugged up in Ramsgate Marina ... we are in the outer harbour in the back of this photo. It's a great harbour Ramsgate but not brillantly run which is a shame. Don't forget to visit the excellent Temple Yacht Club.

The Ships Doctor travelled down to Ramsgate using the excellent Southeastern railway supported by the equally excellent Network Rail infrastructure to arrive at Ramsgate Station spot on time. Rob and I picked him up and we enjoyed an excellent curry and a number of pints in the Yacht Club.  The following day we made the short hop down to Dover in a blustery F4-5 on the nose. We enjoyed sailing straight through a racing fleet ... twice, which helped pass the time.

A tack down to Dover

Entering Dover was good fun with a highly professional Harbour Master. You call them up 2 miles out, then 200m out and then seek further permission to enter the inner harbour. Sounds complicated but actually very easy. We made a little video of entering the harbour ... play with volume up! Seas as ever pretty choppy off the harbour entrance.

Snugged up in Dover

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