The French Adventure (Dieppe to Fecamp)

We're now Tuesday and making good progress down the Normandy coast. Today's excursion was a 30 miler down to Fecamp. Hopefully with the tide all the way.

We departed Dieppe at 0900. An easy port to enter or leave but a few big ships moping about to add excitement and entertain. One of the little challenges about sailing down this coast is to make sure you arrive at your destination with enough water to get in! Fecamp is limited access but with the state of tides as they were we could scrape in at low water.

Departing Dieppe

A nice 6 hour fine reach

Approach to Fecamp

The entrance to Fecamp is very shallow and a little boisterous. In even modest onshore winds it would be very perky

Sailing up the harbour having held our breath as we entered. In fact, there was plenty of water.

Entering the well-placed marina

By 1610 we were moored up safe and sound in Fecamp ... just time to explore the town

Top of the list was a quick tour of the Benedictine Distillery. Benedictine is a herbal liqueur beverage developed by Alexander Le Grand in the 19th Century. There seem to be differing views on whether the recipe was pinched from Benedictine Monks or whether Alex' created it himself with the assistance of a local chemist. Based on the taste my money is on the latter. The worlds biggest single consumer is Burnley Miners Club which gives you an idea of the popularity of the drink. This said it was good to see the process (having seen Rum, Whisky, Madeira and Port as we have sailed about) and the museum was excellent.

Benedictine Distillery and Museum

Fecamp was a nice spot with good facilities, plenty to see and a nice atmosphere. The marina was a tad rolly polly but still quiet enough. But no peace for the wicked and so once again we agreed to push on.

Next stop Le Havre

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