The French Adventure (Fecamp to Le Havre)

The sail down to Le Havre was another hop of 30 odd miles. The helpful difference is that Le Havre can be accessed at all states of the wind and tide.

We bounced out of Fecamp at 1025 and then enjoyed a cracking sail down the coast. Close hauled with a reef in the main and full genoa we made good time arriving in Le Havre at 1650.

The skyline of Le Havre is dominated by the Eglise Notre-Dame du Raincy designed by Auguste Perret. Monsieur Perret was an expert in the architectural use of reinforced concrete. 

A really great 6.2m high statue of a child on a man's shoulders welcomes you as you sail along the coast

The harbour is not insubstantial!

This statue is of a man carrying an elephant on his back. It is intended to reflect the burden we each carry in day to day life. Personally, if I had to carry an elephant at work that would be a standout kind of day not least because it clearly exceeds the 25kg manual handling limit ... perhaps the metaphor is lost on me?

We were directed to this ace spot after Selma asked if we could berth close in. Once again because we are a tiddler we were able to sneak in right by the marina office and facilities.

An amazing use of containers to form a breathtaking structure on the harbour front

The good ship sitting comfy with the significant tide out.

We paid a visit to the Museum of Modern Art. This picture caught our eye of a lady listening to music with her new Sony earphones ... topless. Understanding where the guy having a kip with a suit of armour on fits in is more complicated. But that's art for you. The museum was good though; I strongly recommend Eugene Boudin's study of cows ... whilst every cow  picture may not appeal to everyone you are sure to find one cow that really hits the mark

Dinner in a traditional french burger restaurant. Jack avoided the horse due to a social media backlash from his previous dining experience in Dieppe

In the end we stayed in Le Havre for three days. We liked it. We did make a failed attempt to depart on day 2 but the good ship was underwater for an hour and a half, crew were nauseous and rebellious and so we did a u-turn. We decided that we were on hols!

On the 11th though fair weather did return and we headed on to Ouistreham.

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