The Art of the Possible - Brimble Heads North II

After considerable thought, well, a little bit of thought, we have decided that it's time to head back north, England seems a little busy. On the basis that Greenland is north, we have decided to go to Greenland. Last time we were in that neck of the woods in Sumara, for the ascent of Beerenberg on Jan Mayen, there was 50 miles of ice off-shore. However, in recent years it has been possible to get into Scoresby Sound most years. This is is the largest, remotest and most breathtaking Fjord in the world so although I'm sure we will have to dodge some ice to get there it will be well worth the challenge and associated costs of purchasing an extra thick pair of socks.

A worthy goal for the good ship

Our plan, which is maturing nicely, is to take 6 weeks to sail the good ship from the South Coast of England to Scoresby Sound in Greenland. We will go via Ireland (Dingle) and Iceland (Reykjavik and Isafjorour). Hopefully, we will get a week exploring Scoresby Sound before a u-turn and heading back to Iceland. We will leave the good ship in Reykjavik for the winter. In the event that the wind blows in the wrong direction then we may go anti-clockwise round Ireland before heading upwards - probably one to figure out the week before.

We hope to meet Tim and Thembi on the way and sail together for the leg across to Greenland and maybe more. It is also possible that Alasdair may be heading that way although dates are a little uncertain. It would be great if we had three of us because that constitutes a convoy which would be exciting as well.

The plan
So, we now need to dot a few i's but it all looks rather exciting and moderately doable if we can secure a few adventurers to sign up to the different legs.

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