The French Adventure (Alderney to Southampton)

Home James and don't spare the horses.

So, time for home. The trip from Alderney to Southampton is about 85 miles, 60 odd to the Needles and then 25 to Shamrock Quay. We decided to leave at about 2100 and catch the tide and a F4-5 westerly home.

I took the first watch to get through the shipping lanes. It was an incredible sail. Clear skies, fast sailing and plenty of traffic to keep things exciting.

Dodging in and out of the way of big ships at 7-8 knots past the time quickly

I handed over watch to Ella after a few hours, then Jack, then Selma and so by the time I was back on watch we were within a few miles of the needles. A great way to travel.

We're a little short on sea berths so one person sleeps on the floor ... which is very comfy. Except when you get trodden on

Sunrise as we approach the Isle of Wight

Rounding the needles and up the Solent

Snugged up in her final port for the holiday ... Shamrock Quay

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