The Next Chapter

There may have been a hiatus in adventure, however Brim always has her draw to many a sailor, or in this case aspiring sailor. This year the good ship takes another crack at the Atlantic circuit. The Captain, now Admiral, John Halsall has foolishly assigned his successor, Jack Halsall. A risk that many (including at times the Admiral) may question. 

However, it is too late for doubt now. The ship is well into preparation. Sails checked, engine serviced, winches inspected lots of sailing tat purchased and much much more.... she is raring to go. The plans are exciting, hot and likely dynamic. 

During the voyage Brim will be home to much of her previous crew whom we all know and love, but will also be introduced to a new group of friends. Some on board for a few days, others a few months but all to experience the beauty of sailing. All of them to be introduced in the coming weeks and months! 

Lots more content will be on the instagram page @brimbleboat.

See you soon. 

Cap'n Jack



brimbleboat said...

Great first post. Can’t wait to see the voyage and adventure unfold. It’s great we can see ‘latest position’.

Linne said...

So exciting to come across Selma's post on Insta this evening! I'm looking forward to following along with your adventures. Linne