Great people to meet and great places to go ..

Billy The Harbour Master at Peterhead: We had such a great welcome from Billy. To be honest we weren't so sure about the town of Peterhead but the harbour,  marina, facilities and staff are great. Port Control didn't treat a yacht as second class which in a busy harbour is not the norm.

Inverness Marina: Great welcome. Thanks to all the staff

Reine: It's a very small place but the people we met in and around the harbour (specially the bar) were extraordinarily nice. Always ask for the Chef at

Lillesand Marina; we have left Brimble there and returned home. We spoke to the Harbourmaster, Fin, before arrival. The day we arrived he came over to say hi even though he was not at work and has since sent us a picture of the good ship so we know shes all ok and tucked up .. how good is that?

Wector Marine; if you need to leave your boat over the winter (inside or out) we strongly recommend Wector Marine based just outside Brevik. Great service and they really look after your boat.

Shotley Marina; I have left Brimble at Shotley a couple of times before long passages and on each occasion have asked the boat yard to do some work. They are just great.. They do what they say when they say they're going to do it for the price that they quote. I have not encountered anywhere else that gets close. Martin's the man you need to talk to; he's a star.

Premier Marinas: on our sail round the south coast we stayed at 4 Premier Marinas. Now I know that they're not cheap and I know Brighton is getting a little rickety but customer service is just brilliant. The lock keepers at Chichester; the really positive staff at Brighton and Eastbourne all superb.

Roger the stainless steel man - Hayling Island - Speak to Richard at Hayling Yacht Company and he will give you details. Roger runs a small business who will produce you anything you need in stainless steel.

Hayling Island Yacht Company to Richard the owner. Well priced and very friendly with a great yard. Rustic by South coast standards but great value and very helpful.

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