Up the Deben ... NOT

It's the 30th June. John and Selma on the good ship for the weekend. The tide was right ... the wind was right ... the weather was right. All the stars were perfectly aligned for a visit up the River Deben or more importantly to get over the Deben bar and arrive at Woodbridge so we could enjoy the very excellent Indian Restaurant a stone's throw from the marina.

This tide, wind and weather combo almost never seem to occur so we were quite excited at the prospect of a trip up this famous and very beautiful river.

We left Shotley Marina lock successfully. But then, as is often the case in the world of sailing, things didn't quite continue as planned. The light wind forecast decided to become a Force 5/6;  the sea was short, sharp and rather perky; the wind was smack bang on the nose and to top it all so was the tide. It was a conspiracy! We ploughed on for well over an hour, largely underwater and making barely more than a knot over the ground. We were mostly underwater and looking increasingly likely to make the tidal gate to get over the bar. Darn it.

Now, I'm not a great one for turning around, indeed in a car I have added many miles to a journey because of my strong and deep-felt belief that it is fundamentally wrong to do a u-turn. But on this Saturday morning, enough was enough. So, with a flick of the tiller, we moved from maelstrom to beautiful summers day. We've all experienced the transformation from pain to pleasure when you change direction but it still never fails to amaze me.

We quickly re-planned our destination to visit Ipswich Haven Marina and had the most lovely sail down the river.

The following day we left early and enjoyed one of those breathtakingly lovely morning sails before the rest of the world has woken up. As young Jack would say ... noice.

Here's some pictures to fill in the gaps ...

The Good Ship Brimble ... I need say no more

The Good Ship nestled in Ipswich Yacht Haven ... a very nice marina ... her radar reflector and attractive pink this year

Harriet Rosewell very kindly gave us a bottle of rum and whisky as a thank you for the charity weekend.
We drank some ... mainly for medicinal purposes. Thanks Harriet.

Awesome anchor cable we spotted in a window museum in the harbour development.

Departing Ipswich at 0700 on Sunday

The Ipswich Lock is great. The lock keepers are really fun. Go to Ipswich but remember to enjoy the lock experience
which is my favourite bit

Out of the lock and then carrying the tide up the Orwell and under the incredible Orwell Road Bridge that as a lad I can remember being built

I'm sorry but it's irresistible ... ghosting up the river

Approaching Felixstowe docks


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